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Thread: Blaser pro .223 match with mounts.

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    Blaser pro .223 match with mounts.

    I have for sale a Blaser professional in .223 with a match fluted barrel.
    It comes with a picatinny rail type saddle mount.
    The barrel has had about 250 shots through it and is mint.
    The stock has a few minor marks, very hard to see, as it has been used with another barrel.
    I reckon this has to be worth 1700.
    A new standard weight rifle is about 1800 and a heavy fluted barrel will set you back over 1000.
    Only selling as I am investing in another Blaser barrel....................I love em'
    I will send you some pics if you mail me your address.
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    There is a .308 version of the rifle with a moderator but no mounts on the guntrader site at 2150!
    That makes mine a bargain at 1700!

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    Only selling because I have a 1 for 1 on my ticket.

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    Thanks for all the PM's.
    Sorry, missed the obvious..............its a R93.

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    I have listed this rifle on the guntrader site so if you want to see some reasonable pictures take a look, cheaper on here though!

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    Still for sale.

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    I will wrap it for Christmas!

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