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Thread: pheasant sausage

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    pheasant sausage

    Any body made the above, if so any chance of a recipe idea please.... or a burger

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    im having a go this weekend.
    will let you know how it goes....

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    i used to make pheasant burgers ....same mixture as normal burgers an they were great ..

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    Meat off the legs & breasts of 6 pheasants
    2 packs of mis shaped smoked bacon
    mince & mix together
    throw in a bottle o garlic n herb sauce & pinhead rusk

    mix till rite consistency n burger em up!!!

    made around 25 quarter pounders

    and all from the few pheasys here that I was kindly invited to shoot by my mucker Malcolm cheers bud hope you enjoyed your burgers

    im all for using what we shoot and love experimenting different flavours etc.... if you were close here your welcome any time and show you how to get started etc ....easy!!!

    another good pheasant one is maybe 70/ 30 pheasant meat to say pork belly or mis shaped bacon packs
    a whole large black pudding crumbled thru it
    and say 6 large apples blitzed till mush then throw / mix in.... or even a large jar apple sauce!!

    pheasant , black pudding n apple burgers!!!

    honest just think of summit and try it!


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