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Thread: Glove recommendations please

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    Glove recommendations please

    Hi there, I could do with some recommendations on gloves. My hands tend to get very cold and I would welcome some recommendations on practical and warm gloves.

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    My hands tend to stay reasonably warm in all but the coldest weather, so I don't use them really and if it's too cold, I'll just slouch and stuff 'em in my coat hand warmer pockets. I really don't like to wear them when shooting either. It's a feel thing, possibly only in my mind, but anyway (condoms spring to mind, dunno why).

    However, my son likes to wear some gloves at times and he has a pair of those neoprene gloves with the fingers that you can peel back so your trigger finger sticks out. Do a search for neoprene gloves with the great unwashed on Ebay and see what you think. They're cheap enough that you could try some without breaking the bank.

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    Own probably 15 different combos (Gun deer season in Michigan is in November and it's in the teens Farenheit) but for still hunts sitting in a tree blind keep coming back to a thin polypropylene glove in a thicker woolen mitten combo. The mitten has a transverse slit in the palmar surface at the level of the palmar crease so when ready to shoot you can flip the end of the mitten back and get your gloved fingers on the safety/trigger. Added advantage is that you can slip a thin disposable air activated heating pad through the palm slit between the glove and mitten and wrap your fingers around it within the wool glove. Any other combo was too thin to keep my fingers warm but great for shooting, or thick enough for warmth but needed to be removed before safe shooting (...deer gone....). Checked, no mfg name or ID, picked it up years ago at local sporting goods store, but the style should be available somewhere (browse online). My hunting partner got a version with a magnet in it to keep the glove top tucked back. Magnet stuck to gun making soft click (...buck gone...). Avoid velcro version for similar reason.

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    I'm a pansy.. Cold feet and cold hands and I'm outta there..... I find that if my feet stay warm, the hands are OK.... Have you got poor circulation? A pair of trigger finger mittens or gloves that have a mitten that can be folded over the fingers is nice. Keep them loose enough to let you work (pump?) your hands and thin enough not to be unsafe. Don't bundle yourself up so tight that you can't move freely (keep circulation going) and leave the alcohol and/or coffee at home.

    Something to this effect...

    and have an extra pair (along with dry socks) in your pack in case you get wet.....
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    If you must wear them & only on a few rare occasions I do I use SEALSKINZ gloves thin but warm as I also don't like anything thick, again it's a feel thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petecannon View Post
    Hi there, I could do with some recommendations on gloves. My hands tend to get very cold and I would welcome some recommendations on practical and warm gloves.
    In the workshop handling cold metal on a winter morning I find a pair of old wool socks with the foot cut off worn around the wrist helps keep your whole hand warm. Think of the wool leggings the "kids from fame" wear. They don't get in the way like fingerless mits and when necessary you can augment them with gloves.

    I have a pair of Sealskinz country gloves they have no trigger slit, but are thin enough to operate the trigger and thick enough for warmth in all but the coldest weather.

    I have some waxed cotton, wool lined, open palmed mits/wristlets/windshields which can be worn with or without gloves and hook onto to your middle finger and thumb with elastic loops. Bulky but good for high seat huddles.


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    Thank you for all the suggestions - much appreciated.

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    I use MOD flying gloves.


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    seal skin gloves, they do them in olive too, they remain warm even in the wet, ive used them for years, sometimes they can be a little thick but on the whole they are great.

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    I wear the sealskinz shooting gloves and get on fine, but my DSC1 instructor wore a pair of old german army surplus goretex lined; leather palmed mitts! He said they were grippy enough to hold a rifle and sticks and he'd just slip them off when he got into firing position (leaving them dangling from his sleeves on elastic)! Each to their own I guess.

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