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Thread: Laksen Stalking Jacket, Trousers & Cap

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    Laksen Stalking Jacket, Trousers & Cap

    Being a newbie to stalking and realising DPM is not entirely "the done thing", but also liking the idea of the utility of a proper stalking jacket/trousers, I've been keeping a loose eye on what's available. The ~400+ cost of "quality" kit on top of an already significant kit outlay so far, has however not been easy to find or justify.

    Taking a glance at Guntrader yesterday, an advert for a quality Laksen Jacket, Trousers and Hat for 150 caught my eye. With usual retail of 325, I thought one could surely not go wrong at that price and ordered. The kit arrived this morning and all concerns over the 'quick' purchase were put to rest. The quality of the kit is fantastic. The material waterproof, yet soft and makes no noise. The pockets are extremely well designed giving the option of chest or bottom pockets in the jacket for cold hands (with a clever design to the main bottom pockets enabling them to be kept poppered closed to keep any contents secure and yet give enough room to still slip the hands into. There are further zipped compartment to the outside of the bottom pockets and part way down to the side of the main zip and the hood is zipped in place to avoid so easily coming loose if inadvertently catching on undergrowth. Taking a walk to try out this morning, the jacket is extremely comfortable and lightweight and can be readily zipped up to the neck to keep the cold out or loosened to cool down. I've only tried the trousers on so far, but they too seem very comfortable, have Velcro straps to tighten over ones boots, a section of material on the waist that extends handily a little up the back and the option for both belt or braces. The cap is also very well made with quilted liner and (orange) felt that folds down to cover the ears. For 150 the set is fantastic value and I'm delighted. Hopefully it will also now mean that I won't have to be dead for the mentor to be seen with me

    Ringing the shop to arrange replacement of the cap which was ordered in large but mistakenly sent in medium, I commented on the apparent great deal and they advised that Laksen are ceasing the range next year and so offered retailers to buy out their stock at massively knocked down prices, which they are passing on to their customers. I have nothing to compare with, but for 150 one can surely not go wrong and if only desiring jacket or trousers separately, they go for 99 and 49 respectively. Surely worth a look if anyone's in the market for a new jacket or trousers and can't or doesn't want to spend the earth.

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    I don't know why you would say DPM is not the done thing? Maybe not the latest trendy fashion but as with all camouflage clothing it works in the right environment. One of my best pieces of stalking clothing is an all in one gortex lined DPM suit. I've sat on the edge of pine Forrest and had deer come within 10 yards of me (out of season or they would have been shot before they got that close) and that's at ground level, not in a high seat

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    Very good gear had a set for 2 years Still as good as the day I got it and very warm and plenty zips to store things

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    The purpose of the thread was to highlight an opportunity encountered to obtain specialist stalking clothing at a good price. I have no real desire to debate the relative merits of DPM vs. any other attire and rather regret that particular statement. What's right for each one of us is completely subjective, depending on our needs, whims and environment in which we operate. I for one am very comfortable with both colour and performance of DPM, having worn for over 20-years. To the same tune, although arguably providing better camouflage performance, I am not comfortable wearing the new MTP since never worn 'for real'. I can't really offer an understandable reason, but I'm equally not comfortable wearing non-military camouflage, I guess perhaps because old habits die hard. In terms of military vs civilian garments, the "not entirely the done thing" comment relates to the feeling one may have when Farmer Giles in his tweed and cloth cap greets those to whom he has granted permission looking like a player from a 1990/2000's battlefield. The same can also be equated to pitching up to enquire about possible new permissions. Does said farmer react more favourably towards the gentleman before him in jeans and T-shirt or smart trousers and shirt and tie. Entirely subjective and each to their own.

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    Save your money, get down to HO HO Outdoors, mega sale on ATM. Get some base layer, fleeces and a waterproof shell. All these will do exactly the same job and if you snag it on something, no big deal. I have done the Laksen, Fjall Raven route before, not worth the money.

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    What kind of fitting are these ?

    I'm 6' 4" and sleeve length is always a pain to find...

    I'm not bothered about leg length - I'll be wearing high boots

    I read that a guy with a 50" chest was wearing a XXL jacket over a sweater or fleece - I'm a svelte (by comparison) 46" chest but tall. Anyone have any thoughts on garment fit for taller folks ?

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    I ordered a set myself, for that money its a no brainer for a knock about spare set of clothing. Goretex is good stuff but too noisy for stalking imo.

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    30-06 - I'm 6'2" and the stuff fits great. I believe I specifically chose 42" trousers for some "growing room" and 46" jacket.

    Mutley - great, glad someone else has found useful. Although briefly concerned when two friends pointed out that the dark green colour of this Laksen set is designed for the fir forests of Northern Europe and would be a little too dark for UK use (much darker than surroundings and so stand out obviously to deer), I too reached the same conclusion. For 150 the kit it excellent value and although I wouldn't want to get caught up on a patch of briers wearing, neither would I wearing anything other than the kit that costs three or four times as much.

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    Suit arrived today from Donaldson's (Excellent service by the way) and its a very nice suit, better than I thought it would be tbh. Hat is a bit naff.
    So is it worth 325?, honestly, no. Is it worth 150? Absolutely.

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    Completely agree Mutely on both counts. However and at the risk of receipt of justified stick given the previous statements, I have just obtained a pair of new Harkila Trial Trousers for 80, which I'm going to combine with my DPM smock. The Laksen suit is therefore now surplus to requirements. I would rather sell as a whole, but will split If anyone would like the component parts. Still unworn other than to try on for size, I'm seeking 125 posted for the whole suit or 85 posted for the Jacket (XXL), 45 for the trousers (42") and 12 for the cap (Large):

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