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Thread: Is this really an open forum?

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    Is this really an open forum?

    Just been reading the thread re a recently departed African leader with great interest.
    I have an open mind and can think for myself, I can also read, research history and draw my own conclusions from what I have read.
    I was very surprised that towards the end of the thread, someone drew a line in the sand because people were expressing opinions. They did however say that this was an open forum?
    I too believe that the media coverage of this has been and will continue to be excessive.
    There are many who read this site that will be aware of the great things he did in his later life but know nothing of the reasons why he was sent to prison for so long and the terrible acts that were allegedly committed in the name of the ANC, a political party that they were part of.
    I cannot see any comments in the original thread that raised a complaint from anyone and feel that the thread was prematurely locked as some may have been about to point out some truths that made someone uncomfortable.
    This may upset some, but if it is indeed an open thread, then a degree of discussion ought to be allowed.

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    I think you miss read the open forum meaning as it is open for anyone to read anywhere. I don't feel this thread will add anything of benifit to the stalking directory or stalking in general and i would also bet it will end in yet another bun fight if left to go on,atb wayne
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    LOL..well it's not really stalking related for starters!

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    Open in as much as it can be publicly viewed - not 'open minded', my bat my ball applies here.

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    He was a great man know doubt about it and he changed the world as we know it BUT what is this forum called??? its a Stalking forum which has nothing to do with people dying does it??? Other than that we live in a free world..... you can choose whether to log on or not - nobody is forcing you.....

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    I too have my own probably contraversial views of Mandela but think it's maybe best not to spout them on an open forum.
    What people should be aware of is that the owners of the site are responsible for anything untoward that is posted and can face the site being shut down by the server and possible prosecution if things ever got that serious.
    This is well moderated on here and long may it continue

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    Ahem..... The STALKING directory.

    plenty of other forums out there to voice your non shooting related opinions on. Or is it me?

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    Nope Druid......not just you although I do like some of the other shooting related stuff

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    Deerless the offending post was obviously removed by the moderator before he locked the thread.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I declined the kind and thoughtful invitation to comment in the tread that is now locked as the opening post had far too much of a “lightblue touch paper and retire” quality about it. It did however serve to demonstrate a sad truth: This site has lost some of its vim and allure of late.



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