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Thread: Forster Trimmer Items

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    Forster Trimmer Items

    From a reply I posted to an earlier trhread asking about a Forster Trimmer and/or accessories:

    Have checked what I have and don't need. In most cases it will also have been unused. First refusal is to the original poster and then after he has responded with what he wants it is open season to all comers, first come, first served on the rest. Price includes Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded Delivery.
    As tseven days or so have now passed and the original poster that I offered these to has not expresed any interest these are now offered on a first come first served basis to ALL forum members, please post a reply here to establish your "claim" and also PM me.

    1) MIDWAY UK PRICE 32.95. MY PRICE POST INCLUDED is 50% = 16.45
    Forster Classic, Original, Power Case Trimmer Neck Reamer 224 Diameter
    Product nr.: 652649
    Manufacturer: Forster
    Manufacturer product no.: NR1224

    2) MIDWAY UK PRICE 25.95. MY PRICE POST INCLUDED is 50% = 12.95
    Forster Original, Classic, Power Case Trimmer Primer Pocket Chamfering Tool
    Product nr.: 629035
    Manufacturer: Forster
    Manufacturer product no.: PPCT01

    3) MIDWAY UK PRICE 11.95. MY PRICE POST INCLUDED is 50% 5.95
    Forster Case Trimmer Primer Pocket Cleaner Small
    Product nr.: 625701
    Manufacturer: Forster
    Manufacturer product no.: PPC175

    I have now found my case trimmer pilots and have the following surplus to requirements. They would be as listed including 2nd Class postage but with a Certificate of Posting ONLY not Recorded Delivery.

    .24 MIDWAY UK 6.95 - MY PRICE 4.45
    .32 MIDWAY UK 8.95 - MY PRICE 6.45 (THIS IS FOR 8mm MAUSER)
    .34 MIDWAY UK 8.95 - MY PRICE 6.45 (THIS IS .348")
    .351 MIDWAY UK 6.95 - MY PRICE 4.45 (THIS IS FOR 9mm or .355" or .356")
    .35 MIDWAY UK 8.95 - MY PRICE 8.95 (THIS IS 9mm or .358")
    .410 MIDWAY UK 6.95
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