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Thread: a 'what rifle' query with a (bit) of a difference

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    a 'what rifle' query with a (bit) of a difference

    A bit of Friday afternoon, waiting for home time, musing...

    If you weren't after perfect accuracy - just after practical stalking accuracy out to 250-300 yards at the most.

    But you were after solid, long term reliabilty - ie. something that held together and worked properly over 25-30 years, with moderate use, and sensible, but not excessive care.

    And you wanted it in wood, not synethetic.

    And you wanted it new, but really didn't want to faff around with any after market modifications.

    What factory rifle would you get in the calibre range .270 - .30-06?

    (Oh - and you already have a T3 in .243, and love it, but have reservations about its long term longeveity in a heavier calibre).

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    Anything except a frigging Blaser.

    Just don't do it.

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    Sako A1/2 or later
    Sauer 202
    Winchester 70

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    I'm happy to spend your Christmas bonus:

    Dakota Arms


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I'm happy to spend your Christmas bonus:

    Dakota Arms



    In that case a Cooper.

    Lovely rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    Sako A1/2 or later
    SAKO, certainly - but for .270/.30-06 it would proabably be AIV. AI and AII are the short and medium (respectively) actions.
    Nor would I discount the earlier L61.

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    I should add it has to be a current production rifle.

    And for fun, lets restrict the budget to 1500-1800 or so - otherwise it seems you might as well go semi custom.

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    Heym sr21 .....enough said !

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    Would n't go anywhere near the Heym SR21 with a right handed bolt - they are all cack handed etc. and would steer clear of 308 - far too much of a rainbow like trajectory!!!!! Pity they don't still make the SR20.

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    Heym SR21
    Sauer 202, or their new 101
    Mauser M8
    Sako M85

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