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Thread: case tumbler

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    case tumbler

    Just aquired a smart case tumbler with a knackered motor from a mate who has bought a new one I am going to do the unthinkable in this throw away age and fix it, before I start redesigning it to fit the wrong motor has anyone come across this before,where could I get a motor , what could I canabilise
    Smart do not do spare motors at all, but I could have another drum if I wanted!!!
    when I spoke to them they were happy to fix it if it was on waranty but no way was i getting it repaired or spares for it otherwise

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    cooler fan motor usually found in beer dispensing kit?

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    I wouldn't bother mate......go ultrasonic - quicker, cleaner and cheaper in operation.

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    Pretty good price too!

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    Can anyone shed a bit of light on this ultrasonic lark?

    Do you just chuck them in for a few minutes and hey presto, get a shiny, like new case?

    Are there any drawbacks?

    Seems like a good thing to have


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    I can't shed any light on the ultrasonic cleaning lark yet as i'm just about to embark on the reloading game myself but i have just bought the same ultra 7000 of Maplins £29.99 with an electronic pair of 6" calipers also on offer at £9.99 that look exactly the same as some well known makes at 6x the price and because it was nearly £35 the postage is free,ruddy bargain.

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    Case tumbler

    I use ultra sonic machine (Maplins) method - I put about 25 cases in hot water with 25% white vinegar for about 4 minutes empty and then repeat with clean hot water for another 4 minutes- works fine. Allow cases to drain and dry then they are ready for use.


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    I too use a ultrasonic cleaner, £15.00 from Aldi, I used a tumbler before but one advantage of the ultrasonic clean is that it cleans inside the case as well, this helps with keeping crud of your precision dies.

    Best rgds


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    Do they come out shiny like new, or do they just look cleaner?


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    Depends on what you use as a cleaner, mate. You will not get cleaner than an ultrasonic.

    I just use cold water and a few splashes of white vinegar - the cases come out increadibly clean and then just run under the cold tap for a sec.

    If you use a metal cleaner, the cases will come out like mirrors. I'm content with a squeeky clean but dull finish of just white vinegar and water.

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