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Thread: How's t going?

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    How's t going?

    Hi 2 you all,
    Newbie to this site, posting & technology! Devout carnivore with a varied experience of stalking. Courtesy of an ageing uncle there, this has mainly been in south Island of NZ after Fallow, Reds, Chamois and pig - differing levels of success. ( Especially the chamois as blowing, puffing & wheezing does not a quiet stalk make!) javascript:emoticon('')

    By preference I shoot a 25.06 that I am looking forward to learning how to reload for, any experience & tips would be received gratefully.

    I am really looking forward to "getting into it" with some of your help.

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    Hi derg14

    Ive just finished my level 2 through the generosity and help of many members of this site..

    Youll definately have no problem "getting into it" fella

    Get stuck into some posting and good luck



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    Welcome great to have you here. I hope you enjoy the site and all it has to offer.



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