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    Hi All
    I thought I would share a very exciting hunt Andy and I had the other night.

    It was a complete failure but one of the most adrenalin filled few minutes I've ever had out hunting.

    We were out making the most of the bright moon to look for some boar which had been digging up a headland while feeding on sweet chestnuts.

    We had covered most of the farm seeing nothing and leaving the area where the most damage has been until last.
    We quietly stalked along the headland about 6-7 yards from the woodland edge when there was the loudest intimidating squeal/grunt I've ever heard from a boar feeding just in the wood right by us.
    I don't mind admitting it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I think Andy sh*t himself but he wont admit it (he's gonna kill me) I of course was as brave as lion

    We backed off a few yards down wind hoping they would come out and they did just that about 30 seconds later. A couple of boar came out and ran straight past us and into the crop the closest was about 6 yards They were some good lumps all probably 120-200lb in weight so I didn't really want on taking my legs out as they went by

    Then the rest broke cover I haven't got a clue how many it was a bit fast and trying to get a shot was impossible, I had two chances the first was about ten yards head on with a small bush between us so I never shot and the second was a mature sow so that was that

    So we failed but it was a bit exciting for a few minutes

    Weather permitting we will be out again tonight and hopefully bump into one about 80 yards would be fine

    Cheers Wayne

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    Wild boar should be in rut by now, so there is a chance you meet nice keiler.



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    When I was out I was so close to a 300lber that when I put the scope on it I couldn't see it. I looked again, couldn't see it. Looked a third time and realised that I was looking at the boar, it was just so close that it completely filled the scope.

    It resolved the issue by running off but I paced it out at about 12 yards.

    That's the great thing about boar, they do get the adrenalin running!

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    You can buy bacon already sliced you know

    Better luck tonight.


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    Wayne next time the boar are that close put your rifle down and do what us soft lattte drinking southerners do and thats grab em by they snout and wrestle them to the ground

    I hope you catch up with them tonight
    speak soon

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    You must be going soft in your old age.
    Was def no chance of you running away, theres only so much those S.F.H.Legs will carry at speed.

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    Failed again last night I'm afraid plenty of fresh damage been done on the farm.

    We sat for three hours over a feeder where we could see their most favorite spots at the moment but all quiet We'll have one soon we must be coming up to our 1-7 success ratio

    Rick, thats nowt mate this bugger took two of us to hold him

    I wasnt gonna run you know me mate I only run if there's cash or p*ssey involved

    I done the same one night Andy and I were out we had seen nothing except for a sow and piglets.
    We had given up for the evening and decided to get the truck and drive back to where we had seen the sow and take a photo.

    As we approached the area where she had been we spotted a Boar, I jumped out with Andy's rifle to be met by the boar making his way back to the wood. He stopped and looked at me and grunted at about 20 yards I mounted the rifle and looked through the scope to see a brown blur, fortunately for me I've done this many times foxing and picked the correct spot on the blur and sent the 200grn 8x68 on its way.
    As we had been up a seat earlier Andy had his scope wound up to about 12 power so that looked a big boar at 20 yards

    But this was the result

    Cheers All I'll let you know when our luck changes

    atb Wayne

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