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Thread: Leupold alumina intensifier kit 32-33 mm

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    Leupold alumina intensifier kit 32-33 mm

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    Leupold Alumina Intensifier Kit includes several different intensifiers for various conditions, each helping to enhance the visibility of game animals and targets.

    Each kit contains a Blue (Optimizer) lens, Bronze (Intensifier) lens, Orange (Intensifier) lens and the IS-Stacker (protective cover).


    The Orange (OG) Intensifier helps to spot game by intensifying red and yellow colors. The Orange also cuts haze to increase brightness and contrast and is the best choice for bright cloudy days.

    The Bronze (BZ) Intensifier creates contrast in inconsistently lit aresa to enhance red colors in game and contrast of targets. Perfect for use in mid-morning light and on clear days.

    The Blue Optimizer (OP) is used in combination with the Orange and Bronze Intensifier filters to transform subtle color changes into more dramatic color contrasts. This will further define the target game from the surrounding background.

    The Stacker Set can be used to store the Intensifier Kit to protect them from damage when not in use or can be screwed into the eyepeice and Intensifier when mounted to the scope and used as threaded scope covers.

    The Leupold Intisifiers thread into the scope ends. Most Leupold scopes manufactured after 2003 have threaded ends and can use the Alumina Intinsifier Kits without modification. If your scope does not have threaded ends it can be returned to Leupold and they can add threads to your scope. Leupold Intensifiers can be used by themselves or with other Leupold Alumina accessories like Flip-Back Lens Covers and the Raincoat Kit. The IS-Stacker provides a compact, durable storage device for the Alumina Intensifier Kit components. Thread your intensifiers and optimizer together with the IS-Stacker front and rear covers to form a durable, protective capsule that can be tossed into a pack or pocket and retrieved as needed.

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    Hi there, Still available? If so I will have them from you. Please advise.

    Many thanks.

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