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Thread: All before breakfast

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    All before breakfast

    Hello all

    **** morning for work but not for hunting

    3 CWD's before breakfast, 2 yearling bucks and a doe.

    The only bummer to the morning was after shooting the first buck and watching him flip about for a short while, (neck shot 20yds) I started to go in to do the business only to find 2 red spikers watching from behind some cover.
    I froze the dog froze but the reds had caught my movement and turned there attention to me.
    Well they were very accomodating for a while at less than 20yds

    They gave me time to very slowly get the sticks set, ever so gently ease the rifle onto the sticks (get the picture) and so slowly get the butt into my shoulder and yes you guessed it, just as I was about to drop my head behind the scope they pranced off down the ride showing me there rear ends

    You have to smile though


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    Sticks out Max I would thought a man of your calibre would have done a John Wayne and shot from the hip at that distance

    Well done mate sounds like you had a great morning out

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    Nice one mate, you after some venison to pay for them bino's


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    Nice going Max


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    A bloody good mornings work Max, well done.


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    Nicely done !

    Just in time for Christmas....make a nice change to turkey !!!

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Thanks you guys, and yes Wayne you are right on the money

    ATB everyone


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    sounds like a great hunt mate
    im getting itchy trigger syndrome looking at those
    chinks laid out
    ATB pete .

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    Hey Pete, where have you been

    Dont worry yours is still there



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