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Thread: Haix boots

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    Haix boots

    I need some new boots for shooting and beating (not Welles), any one use haix boots.
    Not sure which pair to go for yet, but would like to hear from people who use them. Are they waterproof and any good



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    Hi there, we use these at work there a good sturdy boot take a bit of wearing in but worth it when you have. Be good for stalking/beating.

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    Haix protector pro excellent boot , should last 2 years worn every day in wet peaty conditions.

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    Haix Montana - used for beating and now in third season. Good robust boot that ventilates well, keeps my feet dry and at a comfortable temperature. They stand up well to abrasion by the worst brambles and blackthorn hedging. I wouldn't use them for stalking as they are heavy and you can't get a 'feel' for the ground. For beating (doing a proper job, not tripping along the rides shooing the birdies into the air) they're the best I've come across and saved my ankles from serious damage on more than one occasion.

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    I wear Hiax protector pro's for work, there an excellent hard wearing boot, and comfy aswell. I recommend them highly

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    Meindl far better

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Meindl far better
    any reason, or just your opinion?

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    I'm currently using Haix Tibet Forest chainsaw boots at work. The quality is excellent, as good as my Meindl Lhoste (walking) and Meindl Mountain Crack (winter mountain) boots.
    Like all footware, try before you buy...

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    I have worn haix protector pro(chainsaw boot) for the last 4 years for work, i normally get about 13-14 months out of them, but they do get a lot of abuse, the sole normally splits away, plus the tread is worn down by then to.
    but they are a very comfiy fir, warm and water proof plus gore tex lined. Ideal for my line of work.

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    Dont by meindl the soles fall off after only been worn about a dozen times.

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