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    match trigger

    Hi all, I've got a match trigger in my remy 308, is this trigger adjustable, its to heavy for me, its getting on my nerves

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    Never heard of a remy match trigger. If it is a match trigger it should be adjustable. I put Jewel triggers on mine.

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    Gotta feeling its set for 4lb pull, think thats comp rule trigger weight

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    Get a wee fishing tackle pull scale. They're just as accurate as the gunshop tools. It reads in KG, but very easy to convert to lbs.
    Ive a timney in my remmy .270 and a riflebasix in my remmy .308. Both break around the 0.8KG mark, very easily adjustable and break at 1.25 lbs each.
    I know some competitions have a safety rule for heavy triggers to prevent unwanted discharges.. but in my mind a heavy trigger just leads to a loss of accuracy and trigger control. You should be able to adjust it down to 1lb.

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    I hate the idea that a heavy trigger is safer than a light one. I have had a t3 that discharged accidentally due to the 1 screw that attaches them to the action coming loose. I had a 202 which, at times would not discharge until you lifted the bolt. These were both set a 2.5lbs. My Jewel triggers are set at 8oz and I have never had a malfunction.

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    I would be happy with a light trigger across the fields but on a range where there is alot of people about heavier is probaly better, while on club days I ve watched other clubs on the range and see some pointing there barrels towards others

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    I have a timney on my Remington 700. It adjusts pull weight on the bottom of the two screws at the front of the mechanism.
    Its the same with the standard remmy triggers.
    This might not be the case with yours, but with any trigger adjustment, slam your bolt shut a good few times, (obviously unloaded) and firmly tap the butt of the rifle on the floor to make sure it won't accidentally discharge when dropped or chambering a round.
    I'd leave the sear engagement alone unless you know what you're doing

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