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Thread: Ase jet z compact

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    Ase jet z compact

    Hi guys
    I have today bought some 55gr winchester silver tips for my tikka t3 .243. My question may be silly, but im a little nevous after reading my moderator owners manual. I have a ase jet z compact mod which states some rounds may be unsuitable, as they are not stable and may damage the mod. Any advice would be great and rounds to stay clear of. I have tried to contact jackson rifles as they are the importer, but are closed and was hoping to put some rounds down range tomoz.

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    All I can say is when I asked Jackson about the jet z compact that came on a rifle I bought, (the mod marked .223 only) rifle was a 6mm
    they said it will be fine.
    I used bullets from 58grain through to 100 grain with no issues at all.

    Just had a look at Jackson site, mine was a jet-ZTM CQBS in .223, yet according to Jacksons was fine so long as the thread on the rifle was true.

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    Hi Neil
    cheers for the prompt reply.That puts my mind at ease a little, i had visions of seeing my mod go flying down the field .

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    If you were worried about stability issues and getting a baffle strike you could try a few rounds at a hundred yards without the moderator fitted and check they are making round holes and grouping normally, if they are you're good to go. With 55gr out of a standard .243 you'll be fine, stability issues are more likely with the longer heavier bullets out of a standard twist. My friends Sako .243 was putting 105 Hornadys through the paper sideways at 100 yards but perfect with 100's.

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    Cheers farmer7, im gonna try a few shots today and see what happens

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    the cqb is fine i asked the guy off a different forum who works for ase. and this was the details he gave me

    Bullet channels for the jet-Z family;

    jet-Z CQB and CQBS, 7.3mm

    jet-Z COMPACT .25 calibre, 7.6 mm
    jet-Z COMPACT .30 calibre, 8.7 mm

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    Cheers for the advice guys. I tried the rounds today and had no problems. Closed my eyes on the first shot with the mod tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243tikka View Post
    Cheers for the advice guys. I tried the rounds today and had no problems. Closed my eyes on the first shot with the mod tho


    I would have thought the first thing you would have done was to poke the sharp end of your round into the exit hole on the moderator to give indication as to how much pressure you needed to apply to your sphincter muscle


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    Sabbotted bullets will be one type you can't fire with a moderator. Don't know of anyone using them for deer stalking though!

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