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Thread: Buying from SD Classifieds

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    Buying from SD Classifieds

    Ok so I bank transfer 25 pound to another member for something that hasnt turned up with no reply to my pms. The guy hadnt been online since until this week. Still no reply. More importantly he is advertising something else much more expensive. So when do we think appropriate to name names ??
    Atb steve

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    I've been very lucky with some very good guys on the SD ,have a word with admin first see what they think .maybe a simple explan .

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    Gotta say I've had the same experience as Norma.
    Very fair prices and a very easy and pleasant buying experience............although one chap did try and get paid in diamonds LOL.
    You know who you are

    I have also been very lucky to have been given a few bits by the lads on here.There are some very good lads out there who do not brag about it or big themselves up in anyway.

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    my 2P worth.
    I would say just one more pm, then let him know you intend to post the story in full names deed etc .
    hope you can sort it out before you need to do so .As per Norma i have found that all the chaps i have had kit from have been upstanding chaps.

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    Sadly I learnt the hard way after getting seriously f*cked over by sakowsm ( see thread) for a lot of money but suspect the high majority of people on here will have scruples and be gentleman.

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    Not had any troubles myself. Hopefully the guy is ok and this can be rectified .
    Atb steve

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    really sorry to here that you are having bother it happens to traders also,
    I have been let down from a person buying seats who i dropped thm off in good faith only to be told constantly the cheques in the post this has been going on for a long time I am giving one more week before i go down to recover them and to name but i have held off in the hopes it doesn't come to that but losing faith rapidly.
    this is for a few seats and with the van packing up and personal things in the family i am abit fed up, wayne
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    Get in touch with the site admin

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    Sad to hear about some posts, but most on here are upstanding members and I can say only good about my dealings. But it makes you think twice about sending monies as it seems to be getting more regular with rogue deals

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    I have had items off here that arrived even for appraisal before payment and i have sent items before payment had been sent and i have met some of you guys face to face all of which i wouldn't even think of on any other site. Hunters tend to be honest sods....
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