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Thread: walked up grouse shoot

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    walked up grouse shoot


    Looking for two days back to back up to 8 guns walked up grouse shoot for next season.


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    Serky .

    Contact Tom Wells in the Angus glens. His number is : 07888 306 602. Loads of grouse. A good moor. Tell him Isabella's coach said to call. You will have a good time. They can have pointers and setters out with you if you wish.

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    Where abouts are you wanting to shoot. I could put you in contact with an estate in North Yorkshire.

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    goathunter1, shooting over pointers is an advantage. I'll be in touch, thanks for the contact details.

    Yorkshire lad, location isn't a show stopper. thanks

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    Ok send an email stating what your looking and say Arran gave it to you. The estate is on YouTube if you want to have a look at it.

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    If you cant get sorted then send me a pm. Opportunities in the Scottish highlands. Early bookings essential.

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