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Thread: Fox calling

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    Fox calling

    Having never done this myself I figured i would ask the experience of the SD massive.
    What tips do you have for fox calling?

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    I've bought all kinds of calls but always go back to using the back of my hand or polystyrene on the vehicle window.So my only advice would probably be practise and maybe have a listen to one of those call CDs to perfect things.
    As for calling without seeing the beggar first,I have no idea as it's not something I have ever done!

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    Out last night, complete blank on all grounds, (probably due to inclement weather?),... but I will give a go to all and sundry calls,.. even those I think are complete cr*p!.. just to to re- inforce the polystyrene thing, I was looking through the pockets of a jacket I had not used for a while, Lo, there was the chunk of polystyrene!!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Every call will bring foxes in at some time or other,I too have lots of different calls and use them all at times,but probably 99% of the time I use the palm of my hand.If you are calling blind(no fox in sight)I will call for maybe 20 minutes which may seem a long time but they sometimes come in from quite some distance and they need the time to get to you,I have lots of times been just about to move fields/farm when a fox will come belting in like a train,so don't give up too soon.You can bait the likely areas with cat food spread out to stop them just scoffing it which will give you time to shoot them when they just don't like any call though

    good luck.....Martin

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    Foxpro all the way
    60 yards out in front of you, pick the desired sound and wait for fox to come looking for a free meal.
    Advantage over mouth calls and polystyrene is the fox's attention is not on your position so you have a better chance of getting the bugger

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    scubadag loads of good info so far , i'm rubbish at hand calling or lazy i use a mix of homemade electronic caller (mp3 player & speaker) and the reed type blow calls .

    I tend to blind call foxes in so for me if i were to get to an area i would call/blow caller at medium level for short period then check just in case there are any foxes close by, if nothing i would increase volume for a few minuets to cover a bigger area . check regularly with the lamp as foxes are really good at sneaking up on you . vary the tone and break the calling with silences .

    if one is spotted lower the volume to a minimal and break the calling to attract in, on the down side foxes dont read these threads so they sometimes do their own thing.

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    All I can tell you for sure is that if a fox is laying in or on it's earth with a stomach full of pheasant you may blow your mouth call until your lips hurt but that fox ain't coming to look you over.

    Can't argue with the advantage of a remote controlled caller placed some 100 yards away but you'll still get the fox that comes in from behind and remember you have to first place that caller where you want it so expect to leave a scent trail.

    I came up with a way to get around this by rigging a kind of mini zip wire that I simply attach the caller to and off it roles and at quite a speed as its resting place is at the bottom of a ravine. On the second run I thought to position a cushion of grass for it to thump into! And remember to turn it on first.


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    Patience can pay off and be prepared for the unexpected. I have had foxes come to the call after sitting for several hours in the same spot. They can cover quite an area each night and just because they are not within ear shot when you start calling doesn't mean its time to move. If the ground is regularly lamped from a vehicle they can soon get very wary at the sound of engine with a lamp coming from it. Sitting in a vehicle on moonlight nights in the snow when remote calling I've had Charlie come in from behind and walk passed less than ten feet away so keep very quiet and keep movements to a minimum. I tend to call little and often with cat food scattered around the caller to hold them but it doesn't always work. Last week I had one come steaming in and grab the caller. Needless to say after a shock like that it didn't hang about to be shot.

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    Out of everything I have used again I agree with the back of the hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    Having never done this myself I figured i would ask the experience of the SD massive.
    What tips do you have for fox calling?
    Calling by hand can be really exciting and certainly a very satisfying way of bagging foxes. If I were you I'd try and get out with a few local foxers and see how they do it, you'll soon develop a technique of your own but don't go out with the rifle before you've got it sussed. Find a local nature reserve or something and practice calling them in with the lamp when it doesn't matter, if you mess up calling a fox he'll be more difficult to call next time so when you're out with the rifle you want to get it right first time. Good luck.

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