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Thread: Atec Sound Moderator 1/2 Inch UNF UNDER 30 CAL

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    Atec Sound Moderator 1/2 Inch UNF UNDER 30 CAL

    I am giving up fullbore shooting. I have for sale my Atec sound moderator which has had around 200 shots put through it. It is in immaculate condition, no scratches, dents, bumps or cutting. When I purchased it I had it bored so that it would be suitable for any calibre under .30 cal but not including. Anyone who knows these mods knows that changing up is purely a matter of changing the first baffle.

    The moderator is listed on my ticket as a 6.5x55 sound moderator so it would need to go to someone with a space for a 6.5x55 sound mod or through a dealer.

    It is the same mod as reviewed here.


    If anyone wants to collect or inspect then I am just off junction 34 of the M62.

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    Price drop to 175.00

    Local RFD charges 25.00


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