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Thread: Zeiss v Leica Binoculars

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    Zeiss v Leica Binoculars

    As christmas is coming I have been looking at the range finding binos, can some one tell me the difference between Leica Geovid BRF 8 x 42 and the Zeiss Victory RF 8 x 45 or is the Zeis only availably in the USA as I cannot find any in this country.

    Also has anyone any views about using them.


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    the only difference is personal preference
    what feels good in the hands and what you
    think when your looking through them
    everybodys different .
    i personally went leica 10 x 42 range finding
    regards pete .

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    Absolutely right. Both quality glass - it's about how they feel in your hands and getting the field of view you want. When you get into this price bracket all the glass is quality stuff.

    Nikon also do some very good glass.

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    Have looked at both - I would go with the Leica - I feel they are better made than the American Zeiss.

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    i had a danish client with a pair of zeiss , i would not have them my leica 8x42s .

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    I use leica 8x42 geovids there clear as a bell and very accurate.The only down side is there warranty only five years on geovids.Personaly i would wait for swavorski to bring theres out hopefully later this year.When they do i will sell my geovids for a pair,Swarvoski has a far better aftersales as i know to my cost 380 quid to replace a focusing that fell of my leicas whilst stalking.Whilst swarvoski completley re built my slc 7x42 free of charge after my spaniel ate them .
    cheers sean
    p.s the spaniels now alergic to binos they bring her out in lumps

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    i went to a stalkers eve last thurs night and the man from zeiss was there giving it all the waffle , and telling us better ziess was than any other optic company !

    well i questioned him and said i would like to compair the zeiss equivelant to my 10x50 leicas well ,

    the 8x56 zeiss victory were no better or worse in the dark than mine but the zeiss being of a lower mag then they should have been better and they were not !

    go with leica you WILL not reget it !!

    cheers lee

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    As others on here will attest, I have had them all, I now hang Leicas round the neck, & keep my Zeiss in reserve. 8)

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    I had the opportunity to try the Zeiss at the CLA this year.

    Now consider that this was in broad daylight, so I cannot touch on light gathering ability - however, the strange thing for me was the field of view.

    To my eye, the Zeiss had a bit of a 'porthole' feel to it - really did not like it compared to the Leica.

    To my eye, the Leica gives a better picture.



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    A good friend of mine got the zeiss and the next time he visited he had sold them and purchased the leicas ,he said they just seemed more comfortable to use.
    Optics wise he didnt feel there was much in it though


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