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    After knocking off around thirty or so fox on a farm that had a Neosporosis problem, the count has gone down. although the farm dog was also suspect, I have not witnessed the dog in amongst the feed rails, Have any of you foxers seen anything to point towards the farm dogs??
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    Everyone wants to blame foxes, dog walkers, gypsies and David Cameron, but i suspect in 99% of cases the main issue are farm dogs.

    To become infected they need to consume afterbirths etc from infected cows, they then need to defecate and contaminate the feed source. The big outbreaks I have seen have been dairy herds using feeder wagons. I have suspected the dog had defecated in the feed and that has been mixed up and fed to many cows simultaneously infecting them.

    The worse thing the farmers do is get rid of their own dogs. They then miss them, but a puppy and the cycle continues.

    It is believed that under normal circumstances the dog may only shed the infective stage in the faeces for a short time, so immune adult dogs pose little risk.

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    I know Wikipedia is not always the best source of information, and is dependant upon the 'editors'; from this page, it would appear that your culprits are a lot more likely to be the farm dogs, rather than foxes......

    Neospora caninum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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