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    What do you think?

    Decided to go for a mooch this morning and came across this... Was making my around the edge of a field which is next to a brook which is also the boundary to one side of my permission, when I noticed several clumps of hair. Obviously I stopped and inspected them, some had a small amount of blood but there was no blood or any other matter on the ground. I had a look in the long scrubby sh!t next to the brook then peered over the 10ft drop into the water where I could see this buck stone dead... My first thought was somebody had been poaching.
    i rang the farmer to let her know of my discovery and told her I wanted to get the beast out of the brook as 1 I did not want her to see it and think it was something I had done nor the neighbours to see it and think the same and 2 I thought the poor bugger deserved to be pulled out of the water and out of sight..
    while waiting for the farmer to come down with the gator to pull him out I got down into the brook and pulled him out of the water onto a ledge on the opposite bank and had a look. Lower back leg missing which I think was an old injury and the wounds you can see on the pictures.. There were no holes anywhere else in him...
    I think a dog walker is responsible, dog off the lead attacked the deer then the owner rolled it into the brook to try and hide the evidence. I don't think the dog went into the water as it's a steep drop of 10ft or so and there were no paw prints down it.. There were pins at the top of the bank away from the original discovery and a few clumps down the bank.. The nearest footpath is three fields away but I have watched dog walkers previously with dogs off leads away from the footpaths..
    anyhow the farmer turned up a short while later and I tied a rope to the buck and the gator dragged him up the bank. I took the head off him as every one tells a tale, and the farmer asked me to put the carcass out the way in some thick bushes for the foxes, which I may go out and smack some noslers in to in the week...
    opinions( on what happened to the buck) greatly appreciated..

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    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Tooth mark like that on the ass sound like a dog to me, see this on a couple of sheep this year. I guess with the bad back leg he was just easier for the dog to catch.

    Shame maybe but that's just life.

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    Definitely look like dog tooth marks, just the same as what we see when someone's dog has been ragging the sheep. Just as aliS says above.

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    Sad to see....
    I wasnt too sure about what happened, till I saw the last picture:
    Now I am sure, it was killed by (a) dog(s), they usually come and grap from behind.
    I have an almost similar picture of a roe being killed like this, except the missing leg...
    Thats why an healthy animal like him got caught by some crazy dog(s), but of course...:
    "this is the first time he ever had done something like this...."
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    As said defo a dog .Put some signs up mate but do not be tempted to take the law into your own hands .

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxdropper View Post
    but do not be tempted to take the law into your own hands .
    +1, protecting sheep is one thing but shooting a dog to protect deer and you've had it.

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