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Thread: foxing ...always worth checking

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    foxing ...always worth checking

    Hello all

    A few lines to tell you about last nights little foxing adventure,I went out to one of my permissions as it possesses a fox that is very lamp shy and will hold for only a few seconds (plenty of dog men and wanbee lampers my way) .

    It was a great night to be out dry & cold this area I was concentrating on is a good deep and wide V shaped valley ideal for shooting . My father has been asking for a few rabbits as well for the pot.

    This was going to be lazy boys lamping to begin with my truck was only 50m away so into the field with coffee in thermal mug rifle all set up and started calling .

    Within 5 minuets a set of eyes showed at 350m away even at that range the fox didn’t like the lamp and anything over 2 seconds on it and it would turn and walk away. So with intermittent calling I dragged it into the valley opposite me about 220m away. Ive called this fox before and it will not come in any closer .

    The fox was sat in the field I was watching it by just dipping the lamp onto it to get the faintest eye shine by doing this I got a fix on its location .

    Rifle ready on bipod I got all set up behind it preparing for the quick shot , got the zoom and parallax sorted lined up where I thought the fox would be , took a deep breath flicked on the lamp knocked off the safety in one motion . At this range there is no real hold over on my .204

    My guesstimate was almost smack on , I drop the X-hairs onto its chest I’m counting down in my mind I’m on 3 seconds and I can see the fox is going to flee with x-hairs on its chest I fire.

    There is a puff of smoke from the mod (little bit of oil from cleaning) and I loose sight I hear an impact of some kind , have a scan with lamp and see a set of eyes 50m from where I shot at the fox fleeing .

    I’m gutted I’ve blown the shot made the fox even more lamp shy , I was sure the x-hairs were on its chest when I fired . I consider myself a competent shot at these ranges and was puzzled at this miss. I scan the area with scope but see nothing down where I shot.

    My mind was still thinking about the impact noise , it wasn’t the normal solid hit noise you hear just a dull quite thump , in the opposite direction were a few bunnies. So lined up the first at 180m --bang--flop and the 2nd at 230m the same , so the rifle is shooting spot on .

    I go collect the bunnies then go to check the area I shot at the fox to check, I found the fox right where I shot it hidden in the grass , it just collapsed not showing its eyes or lighter underside. The fox running off must have been a 2nd fox.

    He was a nice big dog fox weighing in just shy of 16.5 lbs in great condition even at that size he was really leggy .

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Moved locations and bagged a little vixen before calling it a night as the rain came in. I don’t know why the impact noise was so quiet the fox was hit side on H/L shot may be I’m getting old.

    Hope you enjoyed the little write up…..Neil
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    Good result on the fox
    Sorry to see your Dad isn't getting a bunny worth cooking though


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    Nice write up gs. Enjoyed reading it, similar happened to me about 18 month ago I was out shooting for a gamekeeper friend and shot one he was rantin like mad id missed it and wasn't so sure myself to be honest but kept shtum, however when we drove to the impact site there was the fox and we weren't seeing eye shine because he had no eyes left !!

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    Well done! Now that the temperature has dropped we're starting to see foxes again around here. I was getting worried a month back as there were very few about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Good result on the fox
    Sorry to see your Dad isn't getting a bunny worth cooking though

    I dont want to spoil him too much , the best bit is the .204 guts them for you.

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    Had a sort of similar experiance with the caller last wendsday . drove up on a bank about 150m away from a big 40acre wood . Set the caller up . well a speaker pulgged into my phone and gave it 20 mins with that ,, Not a thing , so waited 10 mins and had another look , not a thing . So me and my mate .. who is the farmer sat in the truck with the lights on inside had a smoke and a chat for a min before we drove off , just before we drove off i had a quick scan around and we could see a some eyes in the wood , so we got out got the rifle on the bonet , and well it sodded off .. So as i turn round with the lamp low and beholed there is a fecking fox about 40 yards behind us , wich instead of running back the way it came, ran down the bank towards the wood . So i gave it a blow on the whistle and luckly it stoped for a second about 10m short of the wood and my mate had in a split second with a 243 round to the neck . So in the future i think a longer wait is in order .

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