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Thread: Tikka t3 sythetic stock

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    Tikka t3 sythetic stock

    Hi i have a original sythetic black stock for a 243 rifle, it will fit other calibers but on the 308 we tried the barrel sits a good 1/2 inch free floating, on the 243 it sits ok free floating. i will put some photos on the stock is like new but it has marks from the cabinet , you would have to look really hard to find fault, so what am i asking 85 posted is that fair?
    "AS STATED FOR A 243 WITH STANDARD BARREL" plenty of meat in the stock if someone wants to bed it, it is an original Tikka stock
    K C Rimmington

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    Usual reason for a T3 sitting high in a stock is because the recoil lug has not engaged in the slot on the bottom of the action so it sits down on the rear screw but is then high on the main screw - check it out and you may find the 308 fits too (engage the recoil lug first then ease the action into the back of the stock they're plastic and tolerances are not great), no reason why it shouldn't fit that or any other calibre with the same barrel profile as all T3s use the same length action.


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    I just tried it on the action just to see if the action would take price drop 80 posted
    K C Rimmington

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