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Thread: Where have all the roe gone

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    Where have all the roe gone

    Whats Your opinion
    Only a week ago I could find about 18 roe on our shoot last weekend the owner and I discussed halving numbers so this weekend I started looking for suitable animals only problem I could only find 3 on the whole place.
    Given that most of the place is criss crossed with roads I recon its been poached last Thursday or Friday night similer happened last year.
    the gang that does it if indeed that's what happens do not make tracks across fields but must carry everything off I can find no gralloch or blood trails.

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    Mild weather, short daylight hours. I'm sure they are probably still about, just not showing themselves at the moment.

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    hope so but they were about a week ago when I went round filling feeders

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    same around my end this time for me is always slow abit harder weather and they come flocking in for easy food.
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    All the fallow have disappeared too
    Atb steve

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    Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

    Whilst they're relatively territorial Roe will look to find the warmest place to lie up when it gets cold and ****ty, don't know what the weather has been doing in your neck of the woods but we've had cold winds from the north and north east so woods where you might find roe with a prevailing southerly are suddenly empty as they've cleared off to somewhere warmer - not sure how much ground you're talking about but it is possible that they've moved to that wood over on your neighbours place to avoid the drafts?

    Another issue I noticed big time on a bit of ground I stalked for the first time last year was the effect the pheasant shoot had. Before the season got under way there were deer all around, once they started shooting the deer seemed to vanish from the woods and ended up living in hedges and little clumps of bushes where they were not constantly harassed by beaters and dogs. around about the end of February when the keepers had finished catching up and things had settled down, bingo they all seemed to return from their winter sun holidays!!

    If you've not seen tyre tracks, footprints or trails left by dogs across winter wheat and grallochs dumped near gateways then odds are they're not getting poached, just getting their head down somewhere more comfortable.

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    Don't you know that all deer have listening devices on you gun cabinet and car and that as soon as you take out rifle they go and hide. They also don't like the sight of real tree camo as it scares them away.

    Don't believe me - put on a bright orange Woolley jumper and go for a walk without your rifle and you will see lots of deer guaranteed.

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    I found a few.

    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    AH HA that looks like one of our rape fields

    Wish we could get heads that size
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