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Thread: Weimaraner pups

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    Weimaraner pups

    My Weimaraner bitch has had her pups at last.
    we have a few dogs left. The bitches have been sold, we normally have a waiting list for our pups,
    but she has had 11 so their are a few left.
    i have been involved with the breed since 1991 and have worked them for many years.
    the bitch is a great worker on shoot days mostly picking up, but I take her stalking with me on most stalks. She tracks and points and this is one of the main reasons for us breeding her.
    if you are interested in a pup please contact me via pm and I'll give you any info you need.
    thanks ...

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    must post price

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    Our lines are robricci.
    And the stud is graythorn.
    They date back to sieriva.
    you can have a look at the web site robricci weimaraners. Co. uk
    the pups are 850 but must go to good homes

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    Only 2 pups left now. So please let me know if your intrested.
    i can answer any questions, but would prefer them to go to working homes

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