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Thread: Weatherby / Beretta 22lr Semi auto with single shot function

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    Weatherby / Beretta 22lr Semi auto with single shot function

    This is a very unique 22 rimfire, made for Weatherby by Beretta. Is has both names on as you can see by the photos. It is unique in the fact that it functions as a normal semi auto, reloading after each shot OR in single shot mode it fires a shot then ejects the case and locks open.
    Comes with one 9 shot magazine. Barrel is 19" and threaded 1/2" unf
    Moderator is a ASE Utra for rimfire - this is solid steel with a manganese phosphate finish
    Scope is Simmons White tail classic 3.5 - 10 x 40 Optically very clean, but has a few marks externally.
    300 ono

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    Open to sensible offers. Will split rifle and scope if wanted

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    I really like that. Its just the thought of the variation and how long the wait

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    I had one of these XVII for many a year, great reliability & accuracy , built like a tank. variation, I just swapped a 338 for a 303 =7 days ! ( N Yorks)

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    Rifle and Moderator only 145

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