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Thread: Stalkers birthday cake

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    Stalkers birthday cake

    Her indoors has been taking cake decorating classes. Look what I got today.

    It tastes good too!

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    Full marks for that! Happy Birthday!

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    spot on

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    That I like!!!

    I'd need one of an irate owner (possibly looks a bit like me) chasing after a bonkers and out of control springer (possibly looks a bit like mine)????? It would need to be a VERY big cake to show the amount of ground he managed to put between us on Saturday

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    The big 3? You'll be potty trained soon at this rate!

    Yummy looking cake btw.

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    Happy Birthday fella..

    Is it the big 30??

    Shes a good lass to have done that for you

    Have a good day


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    32 this time.

    Still a youngster on here I reckon.

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    32? Young whippersnapper! (Happy birthday BTW)

    I'm 40 in 3 weeks' time, and the girls that work for me seem to think that I'm just about ripe for a tartan rug over my knees and some sheepskin bootees with a zip up the front......

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    Thats absolutly quality!!!

    Happy Birthday!

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