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Thread: Knife handle material

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    Knife handle material

    I'm currently having a stalker knife set made by guy Stainthorp and the issue of the material the scales should be made from has arisen. I really like the look of wood however it's obviously a no no due to the fact it's porous. Micarta is an option but how about 'stabilised wood'?
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    Those two are desert ironwood, to all intents and purposes impermeable, and as I keep them clean thru the gralloch, it is fine fine. Use steriwipes all the time, wash in water, store dry and out of the sheaths. Never put the used (dirty) knife back in the leather sheath or get Guy to make you Kydex sheaths. Mine are in RWL 34, had them for 18 months, love 'em.

    Guy does amazing work!

    ATB with yours

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    Yes but will most people see wood and not allow me to use them or fail me for dsc2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis682 View Post
    Yes but will most people see wood and not allow me to use them or fail me for dsc2?
    Buy a cheap Mora to wave under the beady eyes of your DSCL2 Assessor/s and when you’ve nailed the certificate to the larder wall breakout the set you’re just about to commission.



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    If they are being pedantic , they might. The handle materials are given in guidelines not in law. I should have added that the scales on mine are rubbed with beeswax every so often, that keeps damp out of any porous areas.

    If you are worried about that aspect, then there are things like Pacwood ( I think that is the correct spelling) and other stabilised resin impregnated wood materials, Guy would know what they are and availability. The "advantage" is that if you want to put a lovely pair of custom knives in a dishwasher, you have that option. Personally I wouldn't .

    As an aside, if you are making a Level 2 demo gralloch, you will not get the knives covered in claret anyway, and if there is green in the carcass...... lets not go there.

    There are some very nice looking micarta patterns out there too. Have a look around on the British Blades forum ? Lots of ideas there.

    Doubtless the Purists among us will pipe up and say that I am all wrong........ wait for the incoming.

    OR do what Kenchblaize said.

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    I was going to add it won't amount to a hill of beans if your bullet empties the gut as well as chest cavity c/o a deep tunnel frontal shot!

    Have GS make you a second sheaf that can be dishwasher cleaned as therein lies the breeding ground for any nasty.

    By the way I actually take carcass prep and hygiene very seriously but there is no way this will prevent me deploying some Alan Wood Damascus and penis bone ivory when in-the-field!


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    Some good info on various materials here...

    Stabilised woods choice of and info on....
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I rather like Horn. Buffalo horn can be superb.

    of course I am rather old fashioned.

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