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Thread: Yorkshire school of reloading

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    Yorkshire school of reloading

    Hi to you all. Had been experiencing problems with my re-loading, could not get good groups.
    Took all my re-loading equipment and rifles to Frank at the Yorkshire School of Reloading. 4 days later everything sorted and rifles 100% accurate. Load data supplied. Very reasonable cost. Would recommend Frank to anyone with re-loading or rifle problems. Will be attending a course he runs in January.

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    Hi Mick,
    Frank has been a busy boy.

    I was there on Saturday for the day relearning to reload with lots of tricks of the trade to improve accuracy.
    Well worth the cost and a good craic, and Karen's food wasn't bad either!
    You will enjoy the course in January and I'm sure you will come away with a good load.

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    Lancastrians been allowed into Yorkshire
    Disgracfull !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    Lancastrians been allowed into Yorkshire
    Disgracfull !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aye lad but he wer parting we is brass

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