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Thread: .223 powder Viht N120 or N130

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    .223 powder Viht N120 or N130

    Initially I was planning on using Nosler Ballistic tips for my .223, however I can get 55grn V-Max much more readily locally.

    This has left me with a problem for my reloading as I have no Hornady data, I was going to use Benchmark with the Noslers. However after running some loads through QuickLoad it looks like Viht N130 or N120 could be a good bet, although the N120 could be a bit quick.

    Could someone take a photo of the Hornady 55grn V-Max page in their manual, or let me know what powders they use, that would be great.


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    Would go for N130 or N133 myself

    N120 is a bit quick IMO and at least if you go heavier in future you can use the same powder

    as for Hornady data there are a few gaping holes.....

    VV data for 55gr FMJ would be just as good a place to start

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    I use n133 very accurate using 50gr vmax.

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    +1 for N133 for .223
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    N135 with a 55gr Vmax works well in my .223

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    N130 or N133.

    The N130 will use a little less powder but there isn't that much in it.

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    N133 25-5g Hornady cases 55g v max is spot on in my Tikka 223

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    N133 buddy!.
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    Another vote for N133.

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    I use n120, shoots very well 55gn and 52gn out of a 16inch barrel.

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