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Thread: Repairing lacquered stock?

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    Repairing lacquered stock?

    Is there anyway I can remove some small scratches from my lacquered sako 85 stock. I have managed to scratch it this weekend, they are lighter than the rest of the stock and drive me mad. I'm sure there must be a way to repair this rather than having the whole stock re-done. many thanks. ,.

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    Coloured wax is an easy one to try first with no risk.


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    clear lacquer?

    the only important thing is to seal it properly as the surrounding lacquer will lift if water or any other crud acts on the edge
    you can by brush applied lacquer for small areas if you are not confident about spraying a patch and blending
    try it on a small area out the way first

    you can touch up and polish it all up with either a very fine sandpaper of 1200-2000 grit or a compound to blend it in

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