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Thread: Recommendations for a fixed scope

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    Recommendations for a fixed scope

    Looking for advice on a decent fixed scope for my No 1 when I get it, not looking to spend silly money but want something half decent.
    Also if anyone has anything to offer please let me know.
    (Needs to be inch tube)

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    some good 8x56 S&B's come up on the sd for as little as 400

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    Worth watching here, or giving them a bell to see what is currently in stock and what might be coming or going:

    Either way you'll not go far wrong with a fixed mag scope from one of the "big names" and you can probably sell it for what you paid for it should you wish to change.
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    American made scopes are not generally as good as those made in Europe but Leupold are good value and reliable.

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    Meopta or Edgar brothers optimate .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholiath View Post
    Meopta or Edgar brothers optimate .
    You are having a laugh ! I hope.

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    Schmidt & Bender !!!

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    S&b 8x56 you won't go far wrong plenty of good used one's

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