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Thread: Trying to find a scope

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    Trying to find a scope

    Hi everyone
    I am try to find a high mag scope for my 22-250 I have about 1500 to spend happy with a second hand one!! Could anyone help with may be what to buy and where

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    Please define high mag - could be very different between us for a 22.250. Feel free to drop me a PM with more detail.
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    Ziess HD in magnifaction to suit you and ilumination to suit you
    Buy once
    Try Mcleods of tain
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    Nightforce NSX 5.5-22 x 55

    However it would be better if you could find somewhere near by where you could try a few side by side and pick which suits best
    Maybe the shooting show etc

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    Above should be 5.5-22 x 56 (not 55, slip of the finger)

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    Nightforce are very nice scopes, but don't suit all eyes. Have a look at S&B, they seem to suit more eyes and have really good low-light performance.
    You really need to have a look through a few different scopes, mounted on rifles, before you buy. Bisley or a more local range to you, would be a good place to go for this.
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    I have a Zeiss 6-24x56 IR on my .22-250

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    Have a look at Vortex also Sightron do high mag scopes with very good reviews. Rifle craft prices on Vortex appears quite good.


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    Have a look in optics classified, Sightron and a Nightforce to suit you.


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