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    Re Barrelling

    I'm thinking of having my Steyr Mannlicher .243 rebarrelled for a 6.5 x 47 can anyone give me some idea of what I should budget for this please.

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    Hi Paul, i may stand corrected,but im sure i've heard manllichers are tw%ts to rebarrel for some reason....

    Check out Border barrels site,would give you an idea of prices..

    Good luck


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    Mannichers are not threaded but hot pressed and glued at the factory, to rebarrel around 900 from two differant riflesmiths, some felt it was not their kind of job try Riflecraft he has new remmington barrels from custom builds at 195 fitted, cut off your barrel and re-thread for Remmy 700, bet the'll build in a huge cost to do it though. We dont have the kind of gunsmiths here like the USA ones who would overcome any problem and do it for a reasonable price, we walk in with signs on our heads and a k##b for a nose, been there as well, all mannlichers are write offs or a grand to rebarrel, rant over J.F.

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    YEP September issue of Sporting fairytales/Rifle, 52 brand new take off barrells 195 fitted and proofed, got a quote out of curiousity for a Mannlicher for a rebarrell for one of these, no mistake in my request for a 30.06 either stainless or blued as per stock, came back 960.00 ex vat. As an time served engineer in heavy industry, although now we have CAD mills and lathes making it easier, a craftsman cutting off a barrell and rethreading action block etc doesn' cost 750.00, Muir or any other riflesmiths, your veiws, adjusting headspace etc or what ever is needed to rebarrell an already chambered barrell would require less work than a complete new stock one. Over here we cant even get rifles rechambered for a improved same calibre, we cant get barrells with fire struck lands improved by taking a few threads off the barrell and rechambering for a reasonable cost, I would pay a reasonable cost for these services, but it don't exist here in U.K. ex bank robbers now train as riflesmiths, The U.S. hava history of custom gunmaking and cheaply produced firearms, also a people with an intent to succede in projects, we nedd one to come to the U.K. or can we use them there, I import goods from The U.S. like scopes etc even with duty its cheaper especialy when $ is weak against BIG CAN OF WORMS OPENED HERE, some of my rifles have history with me, my 243 sako 20 years old still groups well, I'd like my grandsons to inherit my passion and guns, shotguns 400 to resleeve etc,still use same action head, why the huge price and hidden costs with riflesmiths all quotes I had did not include VAT deerwarden

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    Try Rhino Rifles very good and reasonable prices

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    Also try neil mckilop aka dasherman.He has just done rebarreling job for me.He is very quick and doen't charge like a wounded buffalo.
    p.s anyone else shoot a 20br i'm looking for load data
    cheers sean

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