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Thread: .308 barrel

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    .308 barrel

    I have a brand new .308 barrel. I believe itís 24Ē or close to 26Ē if you include the receiver threads.

    Itís a stainless heavy/varmint/target/bull, call it what you will, profile.

    .308, I believe itís 1:10 but can check.

    Itís 7.62x51 on the barrel and proofed as such, of course, being a .308 exact equivalent RFD should have no issues putting it on FAC as such.

    I am not 100% certain of the make, but I have been informed by a credible source it is very likely to be a cut rifled Krieger based on where it was purchased, the look of the barrel and the rifling, etc.

    Never fired a single shot. Needs installation and a polish. Currently threaded with Mauser 98 threads.

    As I cannot confirm the exact make, feel free to make me an offer, but Iíd like to put a price on it of say £250 + RFD fees for the transfer..which of course, could be a ridiculously low price for what itís worth.

    I have priced it as a fair price it if was a non-match grade and button rifled barrel, and if itís indeed a match grade high end custom, then itís a really really good deal.

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    Length of shank before taper please and the shank dia? Thanks

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