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Thread: Knife Sharpening

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    Knife Sharpening

    Hi Folks

    I am new to the forum and still a novice. Just wondered what you guys recommended for sharpening stalking and butchering knives. I am a bit useless with a steel.

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    Hello Ghostrifle.

    In the past I have used Oil and stone, especially with the more harder steel knives.
    The knives I have at the moment have got plastic handles and sharpen up really well on a steel and were brought back from Sweden by a college pal, they cost me a fiver each.
    When I was in Spain one year, I bought one of those joker knives back with the gut hook on, but have to say that these cheepies are much better.


    P.S Practice makes perfect with the steel.

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    As wadshot said but both methods need plenty practise. But why dont you get a blade tech sharpener? I carry 1 at all times and if I blunt my knife then a stroke or 2 through the sharpener and its like a razor again.


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    i use a lansky system it's very good and so easy to use you can't fail to get a razor edge every time.

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    I use the Lansky system, it get 's my vote.


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    i use a bladetech on my hunting knives and hav a chantry sharpener in the larder
    both easy to use and the bladetech is small and light to, so you don't notice it in your pocket

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    Bladetech is awful...awsolutely butchers your edge. OK for emergency use in field but better for your pocket is the Fallkniven DC3 and DC4. Combination diamond and ceramic stones give good results on both quality and cheap knives.

    If you've got time and patience you won't beat a Japanese waterstone. You'll need a lot of practice and a good tip is a marker pen to colour in the bevel. You can see that you are removing metal in the right place. Another useful bit of kit is a hand lens to study the edge before you'll see exactly how the bevels lie.

    Having said all that, persevere with the steel, it gives the best edge for meat work...a micro-serration. You won't find butchers and slaughtermen using much else (I'm sure I'll be proved wrong now). A big old lump of cold beef is about the most difficult thing to cut there is!

    What about knife choice? Easiest to sharpen - Frosts of Mora Clipper. Best choice if you've no money? Frosts Clipper. Best choice if you've loads of money? Frosts Clipper. Why? Perfect edge, great steel, non-slip handle, cheap as chips, you won't weep if you loose it!

    PS Gordon Ramsey uses his steel wrong!

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