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Thread: The Game Cooler 95 / 140 Litre CG140L

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    The Game Cooler 95 / 140 Litre CG140L

    any got one? I am planning a trip to scotland and don't fancy a smelly car on the way back also if its cool I will be having the heater on in the car thats for sure! they are a lot of money but if they work could be worth it


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    They are a truly HUGE amount of money when you consider the option of a 2l bottle or two filled with frozen water, chucked on a roof rack, with your butchered carcass snuggled down in one of these:
    Note that moulded outer cases are available to contain your thermal box.



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    they look great..

    good tip

    many thanks Ian


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    I will vouch for the poly-boxes, they can keep ice frozen for several days if they are well packed.
    We use a gel which is better than ice, a cupful of the crystals will produce about 15litres of gel.
    The large fish boxes will hold one roe and with a couple,of gel bags will keep cool for at least 3 days.


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    geting better all the time were can I buy the gel



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    The crystals are hard buy as they are only available in bulk(250kg)
    PM me with your address and I will send you enough for a life times supply..


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    I am thinking of buying a 100ltr cooler box, do you butcher your deer before you store them in the cooler? or do they find on the skin?


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