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    Stalking experience

    Aimed at those who are considering taking up deer stalking.
    This day will consist of the morning getting acquainted with a full bore rifle and zeroing the rifle to your eye, shooting from different ranges and shooting positions and will be at a deer silhouette as used for DSC 1

    Refreshments at the local cafe followed by a simulated stalk through woodlands where you will be required to locate the deer silhouettes using your binoculars and take the shot, if safe to do so, you will decide.

    If all has gone well and you are happy then the day will end with a real stalk for a cull animal which you will gralloch if successful and take home for the freezer.

    pm for more information and prices

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    May be interested, can you PM me the relevant info please?

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    Good talking to you Barry see you in January

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    Could you drop me a PM with the information please?


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    Update on offer

    We are now conducting this day in both Manchester and Monmouth making it easier for anyone in the Midlands area.

    Further to this, we are offering clients who have attended this day with us the option of coming to Scotland in October to assist in a cull of red, roe and sika deer at a reduced rate with no limits and no hidden extra costs.
    This offer is only for stalking experience clients and not regular stalkers which will allow them to gain further stalking experience over many thousands of acres of private woodland, open hill and farmland.

    This will be conducted from 11th October 2014 for 1 week but you can do from 1 day to the full week, the choice is yours.

    pm for further information

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    cheers elmer could you pm details on stalking experience in manchester please atb doug.

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