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Thread: Stalking near Swindon (or Oxford)

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    Stalking near Swindon (or Oxford)

    Hi. I'm a fairly new stalker with my own rifle and my DSC1. I just need to get out and get some more experience. Anyone got any stalking near Swindon that won't break the bank? Many thanks.

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    Would you consider Jelen Deer Services near Winchester, not that far from you really, plus the opportunity to stalk on the Beaulieu estate. They also offer highseat stalking for a knock down price. This could help to off set the fuel cost and still get you out and about.


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    Oli rowlands at hungerford park has lots of deer and is reasonable, contact via guns on pegs or pm me for his details

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    Thanks Paul! I was out with Mike a couple of weeks ago, but it's quite a drive from up here! I shall certainly be going back though.

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    Also a newbie with only two outings under my belt, I can thoroughly recommend Tom Marshall at Cornbury Park Rups (I've a second stalk booked with him for February):

    60 for the stalk (I opted for an actual stalk as opposed to high-seat - a most pleasant saunter around Whychwood Forest) plus 30 for each cull animal taken. Carcass extra at Game Dealer rates.

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