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Thread: saving private messages

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    saving private messages

    How can I empty my inbox and sent messages without losing the messages altogether?
    I tried moving pms out of the inbox and into a designated folder, but that seems to have a size limit too. Is there any other way of storing them?
    Need to empty something out soonish, as currently 98% full.

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    One option is to print them off as .pdfs and then save the .pdfs. Make sure you back them up though. Another option is to copy yourself in on important PMs when you send them, then you will have a copy in your own e-Mail account.

    Finally, if you are worried about an audit trail, don't use PMs at all. Where do I send my invoice?

    Regards JCS

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    Select the messages you want to keep, go the bottom of the page and click the selected messages box.
    You then have the choice to download in various forms (try one till you get what you want), once
    you have saved all you want on your Mac (may work on Microdaft PC's as well) you can delete safely.


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    Right down the very bottom left of the Inbox page there is also a Download All Private Messages link which will save the whole lot for you in one go.

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