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Thread: Looking forward to tomorrow

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    Looking forward to tomorrow

    After a 7 month wait, tomorrow I go to collect my rifle, then straight to a kind forum member who's offered let me use his range. Really looking forward getting out for a deer over Christmas. Sorry had to post a link as I can't work out how to post a photo The scope is mine which I purchased through the forum

    7mm-08 Tikka Custom - Precision Riflesmith's Showcase - UK Varminting


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    Looks a lovely piece of kit!

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    Dave builds some nice rifles, he is building a 7x64 for me.

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    your new toy look beautiful, hope it shoots as well as it looks! Regards sbm

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    Nice job feller nice looking have to update us on how it shoots

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    Now I ain't one for camo, military looking kit, but that is a bloody good looking rifle! Bet you're chuffed!

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    Picked it up and took it to a mate who knows about such things (you know who you are, many many thanks), it really shoots, it had had one shot through it by Dave, then two through it, then he put 3 in an area as big as a 10 p, then gave me a lesson in cleaning, re shot it, only to tell me that it would out shoot me.

    Just need to get out and use it for what it was meant for, surprising what you can get with the proceeds of selling an SP10, well that's the story at home.


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    Nice rifle, thats my idea of a perfect semi custom build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deeredriver View Post
    Nice rifle, thats my idea of a perfect semi custom build.
    I Agree very nice , Enjoy..

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