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Thread: Importing to UK from Canada ?

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    Importing to UK from Canada ?

    Trying to import firearms and some accessories (such as scopes) to Canada from the U.S. can be an impossible, or a costly and/or troublesome process. Many of the difficulties (around "regular" hunting firearms) are not because of Canadian import laws, but are based in the U.S. export laws, particularly those connected to their "Homeland Security" regulations. I'm just wondering what sort of restrictions/procedures U.K. citizens might face in attempting to import guns from Canada. I know we are a much smaller market, and the price differentials may not seem as advantageous as U.S. purchases, but could purchases from Canada be more easily arranged in terms of meeting regulatory requirements?

    The reason I ask, is that I do see some real cost differentials, especially in the used market, and I believe Canadian export laws are far less restrictive than those of the U.S. ... no, I'm not in the business, and I don't have anything I'm trying to sell...

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    UK import law is fairly straightforward
    so long as authority is demonstrated at customs

    i am looking at an import from NZ at the moment which requires a NZ export license and a UK import license
    its a paper exercise but the transport costs are the killer.
    cheaper to fly over and collect it!!

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    Might be worth having a chat with Holtsauctioneers. Their SE Agent is a specialist in import and export of firearms - there was an advert in a recent Gunmart I recall.

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