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    Hi Guys,
    Any recommendations on parts,availability,or sites showing I.R building.
    I want to build one for my Yukon Photon and hand held Pulsar monocular.
    Also adjustable mounts.
    cheers Steve.

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    IR drop in units for Cree lights seem to be the way forward
    The PigeonWatch craft section has a post by DaveG using cheap torches, "Ahorton" lenses and other cheap components

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    Follow the link in my Sig' - all the NV & IR build info you'll ever need & more

    I can recommend the T20IR torches Sikastag sells via the forum for 45.00 inc del

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    As V8 says, wealth of information on there

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    Go with a T20 torch. and a 850nm osram led. ideally you want a single stage driver or a low, medium, high. dont get the one that flashes.
    to make it easier there is a get on NV forum that sells the inside bit so you jsy unscrew and put new part in. 50 and you'll have a good torch with battery and charger

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    Thanks for replies ,will check out options.

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