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Thread: Sig Sauer .22LR semi auto

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    Sig Sauer .22LR semi auto

    Sig Sauer 522 .22LR semi auto.

    Unmolested and unmodified, hardly a mark on it.

    Low round count - it's only been shot around four times, and probably only had around 800 rounds through it (and only one single jam in that lot ).

    Aluminium upper (not polymer) with integral Picatinny rail. Solid steel barrel, not shrouded.

    Probably one of the best and most reliable of the lower priced .22RF military style semi autos.

    Comes with 25 round Black Dog/Sig magazine, handbook and original Sig hard case.

    500 (they are 750 new).

    Please note the scope is NOT included in the price.
    Happy to RFD at your cost.

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    If it was a s&w 15-22 I'd bite your hand off, nice rifles though, the SIGs

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    I recently purchased a new Mossberg 715T , although a polymer case in the m16 format all internals & receivers are alloy & steel , I tired many in this platform including the 522 & best of the bunch for sure are the 3 mentioned with no hiccups of fouling, once cleaned & lightly lubed. S&W are good also but sure pricey !

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    out of interest how accurate is this rifle in terms of group size at 50yds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    out of interest how accurate is this rifle in terms of group size at 50yds?
    Our club's rimfire range is 45 yards, on this it will shoot somewhere between a thumbnail and 1" groups. A better shot than me (and there are plenty of those!) would probably get nearer the former .

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    Still available .

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