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Thread: Browning Kodiak 600 Field Dressing Tool

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    Browning Kodiak 600 Field Dressing Tool

    I am looking for the old model 600 which has a main blade, a saw blade and a hide cutting blade. The hide cutting blade has a rounded end and is excellent for opening the cavity and cutting down between the ribs and sternum.
    The new models have a 'hook-like thingy' (technical term ) instead of the hide cutting blade, so not the same.

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    Got one at a seirra trading store in USA , great bit of kit , bought it for next to nowt in a bargain basket ! , should have got 20 of 'em , good luck with your search .

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    Hi Uncle Norm,
    i have one of these but it is in used condition, I will try to post pics if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie View Post
    That's the one Willie. PM me a price if its for sale please.

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    Sale agreed with Willie.

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    Knife received this morning in the post. It is in almost new condition and I am very pleased with it. Thanks Willie.

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