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Thread: Home brew equipment

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    Home brew equipment

    Due to health reasons I'm having to part company with my home brewing equipment.
    It is about eight months old and in new condition. I would like for it to be collected and will only sell as a whole. Or failing to sell I would be more than happy to swap the lot for a stalk where I can bring it to you.

    Contents-4 brewing 5 litres vessels, 1x5 litre beer keg with the gas attachment inc gas canisters,
    two spoons, 1 hydrometer, 1 bottle corker with corks, 1 bottle capper with plenty of bottle caps, 1 bottle brush, plenty of filter bags that fit over the siphon and a siphon plunger/tube with a spare tube, labels. If I can think of any more ill add to the list. The vessels also have thermometers attached to them also and the seal are air tight with the air release attachments also.

    If to be collected I have approx 70 wine bottles and approx 140 beer bottles that can come with the kit. The only thing you'll need to buy to get you up and running is the beer kits them selves.
    ny further questions please ask.

    Price 100 or swap for a stalk of some nature. Located close to junction 35 m6

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    One week on here before goes on eBay.

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    Bloody bump.

    Need this gone ASAP now as need the room in my loft.

    Would be an ideal time as I'm sure many on here wil be passing junction 35 m6 with the deer stalking fair only a week away.

    If not make a decent offer for job lot.
    if close by I'll drop it off and help make your first batch

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    ive sent you a pm with an offer pal

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