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Thread: 35 Whelen

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    35 Whelen

    Hi i have a friend in Montana who hunts with a Ruger No1 in 35 Whelen cal , cracking rifle ,
    is there anyone here that uses this calibie ?

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    SikaJames has one that he's used for boar in France.

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    I bought one when Remington did a special run of 700's for a dealer in Pennsylvania. That was 2000 or so, became all the rage after that. I remember cartridge collectors asking me for caseswhen I first got it.

    Great round, mine is very accurate. On par with a 9.3x62. Craig Boddington in his Safari Rifles book recounts that a friends wife did not like the recoil of a 375 H&H. Boddington recommended she try a 35 Whelen as, although not a calibre of choice, he reckoned it would be good for Buffalo.
    I have used mine on Muntjac . It kills them..... and pretty much anything else I have shot with it. I can't see any animal apart from the dangerous African ones, that this calibre would be underpowered to tackle.

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    I've owned two over the years, one built on a M-17 Enfield action and another built on a a Winchester M-70. I currently own a Ruger M-77 in 350 Rem Mag which is ballistically identical to the 35 Whelen. Both rounds are really good big game cartridges. Between my brother , who also uses one , and myself we've taken well over fifty animals with these cartridges. About twenty of these were Moose and Elk and all went down to one shot, which is an impressive record.

    We've used Hornady 250 gr Spire Points almost exclusively with excellent performance. The load we use is at just over 2400 fps so I've never bothered using Nosler Partitions or any other premium bullet. The standard cup and core bullets hold together just fine at these velocities. I see this as an advantage as its a lot cheaper to load for.

    A good friend and hunting partner of mine uses a Remington Model 7600 ( jerkomatic ) pump action in 35 Whelen. He uses his for Moose and Elk and loves it, nothing goes far after being hit with a 250 gr bullet and I've found there is less tissue damage than you get with the high velocity rounds.It is definitly a strong contender for a good all round cartridge in this part of the world.


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    Thank you for the info guys , Good news I was granted my variation for the 35 Whelen , Nice new project build for me next year. can't wait to get started ..

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    I had a 700 Classic I got new . Killed a few deer with it and traded it off . Maybe 8 years later I got it back and killed a couple more then traded it once again .

    To be honest I'd rather have a 338-06 or possibly a 8mm-06 . Nothing wrong with the 35 I just like the other two cartridges more .

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    Know what you mean, but now with the Barnes TTSX or Nosler Accubond (nearly 0.5 BC) 250gr, there's not much that either will do that a 9.3x62 won't...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pt-sika View Post
    To be honest I'd rather have a 338-06 or possibly a 8mm-06 . Nothing wrong with the 35 I just like the other two cartridges more .
    Agree, better bullet selection and BCs in the 338. The only advantage over the 9.3x62 is forming brass out of 30-06, but 9.3 ammo easier to find on the road in Europe and Africa.

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    Thank you for your reply's very interesting feedbacks, The 35 Whelen I shot in Montana I was impressed , I have a slot for one on my FAC , but I'm going to do some more research first..

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    Maverick61 on here has one. You can PM him, but I'll warn you he hasn't had it long and is still working up loads etc.

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