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Thread: Case Cleaning

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    Case Cleaning

    Following on from bogwelly's question on case tumblers:

    Sorry if this is the first of many stupid questions from a novice reloader; but how necessary it is to tumble or ultrasound cases?

    I had intended to brush them out internally and hand clean the primer pocket and hole, but not clean them mechanically to shiny or soak them?
    To start I will not be doing too many loads as it is only for myself and I will probably just do a few batches.

    If I brush them out and clean the primer by hand then soak them in vinegar and water (if necessary?) will this suffice?

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    You don't realy need to brush them out, just make sure the outside of the case is clean and primer pocket is clean and that should do. The other option is to just use brasso on the outside of the case.

    The reason you need to cleaning the case is that it's easier to inspect a clean case for crack's etc than a dirt one, also stops dirt getting into your sizeing die's and scratching them and your cases up.

    Hope this helps.

    Ps I didn't buy a tumbler for ages just cleaned them using brasso..

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    Brasso is an agent that will degrade the zinc contained in the brass alloy.

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    Very true, don't brasso cases, because you will start to get splits in them over time due to the degrading!


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