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Thread: new guy leicestershire

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    new guy leicestershire

    hy-up all think i got of on the wrong foot let's try again been stalking about ten years started with my dad he was a keeper on local est shot my first fallow doe with a parker hale 243 i was hooked got the level one and two now stalk up scotland for roe and red and some times in derbyshire on fallow do a bit of pest controle for some farmers i know. got a nice bsa supersport five .22lr sako 85 .223 winchester mod 70 243wssm and sako 85 6.5x55 load my own ammo hunting is in the blood it's a way of life for me i love to be out and about in the woods.

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    Welcome, good to see another Leicestershire member.

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    Couldnt of been as bad as. Im also a new member to the site. Welcome, good luck and happy hunting. kiwi

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